Westgate Nursery Highworth

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Our Preschool

3 years onwards

Our Preschool Rooms offer environments in which children can develop physically, socially, and emotionally. We have dedicated spaces for fine-motor skills, mathematics, construction, and roleplay, as well as our 'Museum' of artefacts and books. Our children's creations are displayed in galleries to celebrate their accomplishments.

We trust our preschoolers to lead their own learning, supported by our expert team; who recognise that each child has individual interests and desire for challenge. Our biggest ones use knowledge from their experiences to cultivate an understanding of their world; our team enable open-ended learning opportunities to help the children construct their own world view. We create memories with awe-inspiring opportunities that stimulate imaginative, creative, cognitive, communicative, and personal growth.

Through blossoming friendships, ambitious challenges, and creative self-expression, we empower our children to become resilient, confident, and responsible individuals.

We are able to accept Free Entitlement and Extended Hours funding provided by the Local Authority for two, three and four year olds.